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MEXICO DF | APRIL 15th 2019


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TIME to comprehend

CHANGING THE WORLD OR TRANSFORMING THE INDIVIDUAL? The much-desired human transformation needed a form of engineering to make it possible. All kinds of technologies have been created but there wasn’t one that was orientated towards a profound change on an individual level.

 “Humanity will change when the individual changes. Society will make a shift when each person looks inside themselves”. Alberto Varela

Never before in humanity had we been mired in such misunderstanding of the world, life and ourselves. Recovering hope is the beginning of an internal transformation. We will use the power of the word and the mystery of understanding to remember what the soul already knows and learn what can not be taught …

This seminar is the world launch of the Conscious School® to be held on May 16th 2019, during a meeting of people who look for simplicity of presence, satisfaction of the delivery and depth of understanding.

It will be an intimate encounter, with an essentially humanistic approach, based on the Zen philosophy and based on the integration of various mystical schools.

The foundations of the Conscious School® and the principles of the Inner Evolution® Method will be presented, which is being used by thousands of people in more than 20 countries with results that surprise both the most inexperienced seeker and the most experienced students of consciousness; and that in turn is summoning students to be trained and exported to more than 40 countries in the next 3 years to expand this proposal.

We will share exclusive videos with amazing testimonials from people who are changing their lives and solving problems or situations from which they had lost hope; and they have achieved it for reasons inherent to themselves.


  • Topics are developed that are unknown until the exact moment in which the class begins. The factor of surprise is fundamental in this innovative style of work so the approach can go beyond the level of reasoning.
  • Sessions include short meditations and group dynamics, which include ‘reading the body’, emotional awareness and observation of oral expression.
  • Classes delve into the basic concepts of the Inner Evolution® method (the process of recapturing our essence) to recover lost innocence.
  • No-Therapy sessions are held (the confrontation of personal lies) to become aware of what we are and what we are not.
  • Words and concepts are redefined to access new meaning of ideas, values ​​or beliefs; since by changing the semantics of things, people and facts, we create the foundation for great changes in life.
  • Ideas are brought forward about the new educational and family model that is coming, the new type of leaders that we need, and the imminent change in the notion of personal growth that is being made in the world.
  • Questions and riddles of the human being are answered.


  • Nothing can be done to arrive at a comprehension and nothing can be done with what is comprehended.
  • Everything we do, we do for ourselves, not for others.
  • No techniques exist that work to heal or change life.
  • The guarantee of abundance and fullness comes from opening oneself up to receive.
  • Self-observation hides the power of transformation.
  • Let’s de-program ourselves. Everything we think and believe has been implanted from the outside.



Founder of:

  • Inner Mastery Global Holding.
  • Ayahuasca International.
  • Conscious School.
  • The European School of Ayahuasca.
  • The Holistic Network of Epicentres.
Creator of::
  • Inner evolution.
  • No-Therapy.
  • The game of Understanding.

“It is the deepest thing I have ever heard in my life”

“I have the understanding I needed”

“I have received the tools to refine my work with people”

“After being in a Conscious School class I no longer have excuses to escape from me”

“It is a legacy of inner evolution for anyone who wants to open up to the amazing”

“As if I had downloaded information that I already knew but was not aware”

“It is already inadmissible that it does not attend to my potential”

“The Lessons are microdoses of consciousness that bring me closer to my divinity in a forceful way”

“The fastest and most powerful way to open the heart and expand consciousness”

“Lessons still bring me revelations days and weeks later”

INFO + RESERVATIONS   Liana Silvey +34 632 945 719




Trailer 1: Listening

Trailer 2: The Power